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Tropical Rainforest / 2018-06-01

2016 fondos y socioesThe world has approximately 4 billion hectares of forest, representing almost 30% of the Earth\'s landmass, with roughly 56 percent of these forests lying in tropical and subtropical areas1. More than 1 billion people rely heavily on forests for their livelihoods2, and they are the most biologically-diverse ecosystems on land, home to more than half of all terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects3. Forests also play a vital role in global climate regulation through the sequestration and storage of carbon. But despite increased awareness of their importance, forests are experiencing escalating impact from human activities. Although the precise area is debated, each day at least 32,300 ha of forest disappear from Earth and at least another 32,300 ha of forest are degraded4. Across the world’s extant tropical forests it is estimated that 24% are intact, 46% are fragmented and 30% otherwise degraded5 . It has been calculated that the deforestation of tropical forests is respond.

The Waterloo Foundation

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